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York Lecturer Dr Penny Bickle publishes new book: Neolithic Bodies

Posted on 7 August 2018

Volume covers research on human remains from the Near East and Europe

Dr Penny Bickle, with her colleague Emilie Sibbesson, has published a new book on Neolithic bodies. This exciting new volume, building on the Neolithic Studies Group conference 2014, captures the variety of debates developing across research into the Neolithic bodies of the Near East and Europe.

The papers are divided into three themes; living bodies, the body in death and the representation of the body. The approaches taken in the articles bridge many different methodologies, ranging from theoretical treatises to methodological debates. Overall, the volume presents the study of the body in the Neolithic as a contested site, at which overlapping research themes meet, and addresses the insights provided by thinking about past bodies.



You can find out more about the book and it contents here: