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Dr. Daryl Stump appointed as lecturer

Posted on 2 February 2018

The joint appointment between the Departments of Archaeology and Environment follows the completion of Daryl's AAREA project

The Departments of Archaeology and Environment are delighted to announce their first joint appointment, of Dr Daryl Stump as Lecturer. 

Following the completion of his European Research Council funded project "Archaeology of Agricultural Resilience in Eastern Africa", Dr. Daryl Stump now joins the University of York full-time in a joint appointment between the Department of Archaeology and the Environment Department.  Daryl’s research explores how the long-term data produced by archaeology, history and palaeoecology can inform assessments of modern sustainability, with a particular focus on soil and water conservation within agricultural systems. On the new appointment, Daryl says:

“Understanding agricultural sustainability needs to be an interdisciplinary endeavour because it requires details of cultural practices, climate, plant ecologies and soil properties, and a recognition that all these factors interact and change through time. The joint appointment with Environment and Archaeology will help bring York’s expertise in these areas together, enabling us to pursue truly interdisciplinary research on past and future sustainability.”

Mark Hodson, Head of Environment, says: "I'm very excited by this new, joint appointment. The appointment helps to cement well established links between the two departments and is testimony to the fact that there is much to be learnt from the past, as well as the present to inform how we manage the planet in a sustainable fashion whilst also addressing such pressing concerns as food and water security. Daryl's research will add another component to the University's growing presence in the area of Global Development and the Masters programme will complement and enhance those currently available within the University that are designed to educate the next generation of environment-savy professionals."

Professor John Schofield, Head of Archaeology says, "This is a terrific appointment for us. Daryl's research provides a distinct and important contribution to contemporary thinking on agricultural resilience, and a new dimension to our already broad reach in historical archaeology, heritage and conservation. The joint appointment with Environment is an exciting opportunity which we look forward to developing in the future. The next few months will see Daryl developing further research projects in partnership with NGOs working on African sustainable agriculture, while developing ideas for a Masters programme, jointly with Environment."