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John Schofield's Work on Galapagos Published in British Archaeology

Posted on 9 October 2018

Article "On the Beach: What Archaeology Can Do for the Planet" Addresses Marine Plastic Pollution in the Archipelago

John Schofield's 'object narratives' work on Galapagos, as a contribution to addressing marine plastic pollution in the archipelago, features in the latest issue of British Archaeology magazine, published today. The essay describes the wider research programme of which this study forms a part, as well as the methods developed and some initial results. As John states in the essay, 'every action has material consequences', which in this case includes significant plastic pollution of a fragile and important marine environment. The work focuses on the stories of objects found within that environment, working with local communities to demonstrate how behaviours are at the root of the problem. The essay can be found in British Archaeology 163, for November/December 2018, and is available from newsagents.