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Dan Boothby Awarded Student Outreach Award

Posted on 11 May 2018

Develops Archaeology Club at Local School

Funerary Studies Master's student Dan Boothby has been recognised by Archaeology for his extensive work in creating an Archaeology Club at Bootham School. With help from YAC and Don Henson, Boothby has developed a number of activities for the students, including:




  • Mummifying oranges 
  • Describe the potato (teaches recording and observation!)
  • Finding historical features on OS maps
  • Excavating Aztec poo
  • Making Mesolithic Microliths out of clay
  • Visits to the Yorkshire Museum
  • Human Bones session in King's Manor - Courtesy of Malin Holst and Paola Ponce
  • Episodes of Time Team and Time Crashers
  • General Archaeology Q and A
  • Talks from fellow MA students Jonny Farley, Izzy Wisher, and Beth Nash
  • Artefact Drawing 
  • Reassembling smashed pottery from charity shops
  • Archaeology Quiz - "Conquiztadors"
  • A competitive play-through of the digital decision making game my group made in first year - Star Carr Survival

In recognition of his tremendous effort, Boothby has been awarded the inaugural Student Outreach Award. Congratulations!