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Archaeological conservation project at Epiacum

Posted on 5 September 2018

York's Al Oswald and students from the department

York students are involved in an archaeological conservation project at the Roman fort of Epiacum, high in Northumberland's North Pennine hills. Under the direction of York PhD student Al Oswald, eight other students are working alongside local volunteers to remove an 18th-century drystone field-wall that runs right across the interior of the fort.

Until now, the wall has impeded visitor access and made it difficult to appreciate the overall design of the extraordinarily well-preserved site, where the outlines of all the military buildings are clearly visible on the surface. The dismantling is revealing that the wall includes dozens of Roman stone artefacts, including fragments of sculptures, architectural pieces and broken millstones.

Elaine Edgar of the Epiacum Trust  says "We are really grateful to York's Department of Archaeology for helping us to achieve our aim of making our hidden gem more accessible, and we especially want to thank Al and all the other students for volunteering their time and archaeological expertise!"

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