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The Greedy Queen—Eating with Victoria

Posted on 24 May 2017

York Masters alumni Annie Gray's new book looks at Queen Victoria’s life through her food

A former York student has published a new book dealing with Queen Victoria and her relationship with food.

The Greedy Queen—Eating with Victoria is part culinary-biography, part-gastronomic exploration, and looks both at Victoria’s life through her food, and also at the impact that feeding her had on the people and buildings around her. From intimate breakfasts with the King of France to her last sip of milk, her life is examined through what she ate, when and with whom.

In the royal household, Victoria was surrounded by ladies-in-waiting, secretaries, dressers and coachmen, but below stairs there was another category of servant: her cooks. More fundamental and yet completely hidden, they are now uncovered in their working environment for the first time.

Author Annie Gray is a food historian, specialising in British food and dining from c.1650-1950. She works across a wide variety of fields, predominantly with a focus on public engagement, and completed her MA at York in 2004.

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