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Strangers in a strange land?

Posted on 8 May 2017

A new paper explores the challenges in creating analogies with Neanderthals

A new paper has just been released by York archaeologists Dr. Penny Spikins, Gail Hitchens, and Andy Needham, exploring the challenges in creating analogies with Neanderthals. The paper features in a new volume entitled The Diversity of Hunter Gatherer Pasts, edited by Bill Finlayson and Graeme Warren, and published by Oxbow. The publication explores the extent of variation amongst hunting and gathering peoples past and present and the considerable analytical challenges presented by this diversity.

Penny Spikins said of the paper: "Here we aim to rise to the challenge of including Neanderthals within the diversity of hunter-gatherer social existence, without imposing a modern foraging adaptation on to their way of life. We review some of the difficulties with the direct application of analogies from contemporary hunter-gatherers, and explore alternative approaches to help us to understand the nature of Neanderthal sociality."

Further details can be found at Oxbow Books here: