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Marine plastics: An Archaeologist Wades In

Posted on 17 November 2017

John Schofield participates in a Galapagos Day event at the Royal Geographical Society in London

Credit: Trevor Platt/GCT

Following a visit to the islands earlier in 2017, John Schofield recently participated in a well-attended Galapagos Day event at the Royal Geographical Society in London. The annual event, hosted by the Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT), had the theme of marine plastics, with a Panel Discussion on the feasibility of a plastic-free marine reserve around the islands.

Chaired by the BBC's Liz Bonnin, John sat on the Panel which also included an ecotoxicologist and a conservation scientist from Exeter University, an oceanographer from Utrecht University, and a social psychologist from Plymouth University. John is involved in discussions with this team, and GCT, to develop research to understand the presence and impact of plastics on this highly significant and fragile marine environment. Understanding the journey of plastic items from their arrival on the island to their use and discard is something that lends itself to archaeological investigation.

Photo credit: Trevor Platt/GCT