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Major AHRC-GCRF grant success for Department of Archaeology

Posted on 4 October 2017

Stephanie Wynne-Jones is part of an interdisciplinary team researching coastal lifeways and cultural heritage in eastern Africa

Dr Stephanie Wynne-Jones of the Department of Archaeology is part of a team that has won a £2 million Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) four-year grant to help East African communities better preserve and benefit from marine cultural heritage.

The team is led by Dr Jon Henderson from the University of Nottingham. It includes archaeologists, anthropologists, environmental scientists and specialists in development law. The project will research coastal lifeways and cultural heritage in eastern Africa, exploring ways that local communities can engage with heritage for educational, social, and economic development. The interdisciplinary project will last four years and will apply an innovative methodology based on a Theory of Change and grounded in the Human Rights Approach to Development.

Stephanie will lead and coordinate work on the archaeology and cultural heritage of coastal communities, and will be recruiting for a PhD to work on these issues. This will link her research on archaeology, community heritage projects, coastal environments and subsistence, and public archaeology.

The project, Rising from the Depths: Utilising Marine Cultural Heritage in East Africa to Help Develop Sustainable Social, Economic and Cultural Benefits, is a joint initiative between the University of Nottingham, and the Universities of Roehampton, York, Ulster, Bournemouth, Uppsala (Sweden), and Eduardo Mondlane (Mozambique). It aims to transform the way people understand, use and perceive marine cultural heritage as well as the way coastal development projects are executed in Africa.

A call for appointing postdoctoral researchers, PhD students, support staff and an online platform and project website are coming soon. If you are interested in knowing more about the project and getting involved please contact Stephanie Wynne-Jones.

Read the AHRC announcement here: