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New Publication: John Schofield Releases Volume of World Archaeology on Counter Archaeologies

Posted on 13 November 2017

Introduction article covers Schofield's take on punk archaeology

John Schofield, Head of Department and Executive Editor of the leading journal World Archaeology, has edited the latest volume in the series, on 'Counter Archaeologies'.

The collection is unsurprisingly eclectic, with examples from prehistory to the contemporary past, and from the US to Australia, the UK and northern and south-east Europe.

John's introduction to the collection - 'Deviants, punks and Pink Fairies’: counter-archaeologies for unreasonable people - provides a semi-autobiographical account of how he came to focus on aspects of archaeology that fall outside of the mainstream, and why it is helpful to take an alterative (even 'punk') viewpoint sometimes. The volume is now available online; hard copy will be published within the next few weeks.