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Archaeology, Heritage, and Social Value: Public Perspectives on European Archaeology

Posted on 17 May 2017

ADS staff publish a paper presenting the key results of a major NEARCH survey

A major survey on the public perception of archaeology and heritage across Europe has been published in the European Journal of Archaeology.

Holly Wright and Julian Richards of the Archaeology Data Service have co-authored an article presenting the key results of a major survey carried out by the NEARCH project on the public perception of archaeology and heritage across Europe.

The analysis focuses on three areas: the image of archaeology and its definition in the perception of the general public, the values that archaeology represents for the public, and the social expectations placed on archaeologists and archaeology. The survey revealed that there is a significant public expectation by Europeans that archaeology should work comprehensively across a broad range of areas, and that cultural heritage management in general needs to engage more with different archaeological and heritage groups.

The NEARCH project is a European-wide cooperation network of 16 partners from 10 countries aiming to explore the significant scientific and professional developments that archaeology and cultural heritage management have undergone in recent years. NEARCH aims to explore the various dimensions of public participation in contemporary archaeology and bring to the field, which is strongly influenced by economic and social developments in society, new ways of working and collaborating.


You can access the paper at the European Journal of Archaeology here: