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Prestigious Prize for Cross-Disciplinary Work by Jessica Hendy and international team

Posted on 14 September 2023

Congratulations to Jessica Hendy and co-authors Matthäus Rest, Mark Aldenderfer and Christina Warinner, who have been awarded the Cross-Fields Scholarship Prize from the General Anthropology Division of the American Anthropological Association.

Left to right: Jessica Hendy, Mark Aldenderfer, Christina Warinner, PhD candidate and symposium monitor Björn Reichhardt, and Matthäus Rest at the "Cultures of Fermentation" Symposia in 2019.

The prize honours a peer-reviewed journal article that demosntrates crossdisciplinary research in the field of anthropology.

The team have been awarded this prize for their article published in Current Anthropology, entitled "Cultures of Fermentation". This work synthesises research in the fields of biological anthroplogy, archaeology and social anthroplogy, exploring the deep history of human interactions with microbes, their detection in the archaeological record, and the interplay of human and microbial cultures.

This article stems from a Wenner Gren Symposium, which brought together a diverse array of researchers unified by their exploration of human-microbe relationships.

Congratulations to Jessie and all the team!