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Department's researchers feature in top 4 of top 100 science stories of 2014

Posted on 9 December 2014

Department involved in more than half of archaeology discoveries

Every year Discover Magazine lists its Top 100 science discoveries.  This year seven of these are archaeological discoveries, and of these, four involved staff from the department. More than any other archaeology department, indeed more discoveries than most Universities combined!


#7 hoyo_negro_dive
Two discoveries in 2014 settled a contentious debate in archaeology.
 was part of the team analysing the quality of DNA from the skeleton in Montana
#27 mummy
An analysis of funerary wrappings pushes back the beginnings of mummification.


#41 tomb
Burial complex may have belonged to Alexander the Great's wife or son.
#47 stonehenge-top
The stones are just one small part of a massive network of Neolithic sites.
#69 Teeth
Microscopic remnants point to the consumption of pork, mutton and wheat.



#81 bamboo-table
The world's earliest known decimal multiplication table is over 2,300 years old.