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Metal Friday with TYR

Posted on 17 February 2012

What do you get when the Research Forum, the Viking Studies Research Group and the York Heritage Seminars (YOHRS) combine for a seminar...?

Heri and Kári, singer and drummer of folk metal heavyweights Týr, presented a seminar this Friday.  The event was not advertised widely to limit numbers but the Huntington Room was packed with a mixed audience as eclectic as the influences on Týr.

Heri explained (and illustrated with samples), how his work was strongly influenced by Faroese chain dancing and other folk music,  West Country heavy metal, and Norse legends. However the discussion ranged far and wide, including the genetics of the Faroes, Scandinavian rivalries, religion, and vegetarians; vegetarians did not come out of this very well. Finally he entranced the audience with a solo rendition of a Faroese folk song. Heri and Kári were presented with York800 teeshirts, and copies of 'The Vikings: A Very Short Intriduction' by the author. 

The seminar was recorded by YOHRS and is now available for download on