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New website for The Post Hole

Posted on 19 October 2012

A new website for the undergraduate-run journal The Post Hole goes live

19-10-2012 The Post Hole

The Post Hole is an archaeology journal run by students at the University of York. It is the only archaeology journal in the UK that is run by undergraduates. The Post Hole has just relaunched its website and social media pages to make the journal even more dynamic and interactive for its readers. The Post Hole can be accessed via website and Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The Post Hole has also released its latest issue (Issue 24) which contains an interview with Professor Nicky Milner on the Mesolithic site of Star Carr, the location of Europe’s oldest known evidence for carpentry, as well as articles on Ukrainian burial mounds, excavations at Boltby Scar hillfort, and a community archaeological project in Yorkshire. It also contains advice for archaeology students on how to produce an excellent dissertation.

What does it do?

The Post Hole aims to promote discussion and the flow of ideas about anything archaeological between anyone interesting in archaeology, including students, academics and the public.

What does The Post Hole publish?

The Post Hole publishes articles on a range of archaeological topics, from prehistory to the present day, including (but not limited to) excavation, heritage management, conservation, archaeological theory, bioarchaeology and other archaeological sciences.

How you can contribute to The Post Hole?

The Post Hole welcomes article submissions from anyone. Submissions and related enquires can be sent by email to The Post Hole Submissions Officer, Tess Margetts ( Information for contributors is available on our website (