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New faces in the Department

Posted on 30 January 2012

Postdocs on the DISPERSE project

Robyn Inglis

Robyn's primary research interests lie in utilising geoarchaeological techniques to examine past human-environment interactions, most recently in Palaeolithic contexts. Robyn received her BA in Archaeology and Anthropology from Cambridge in 2006, and her MSc in Geoarchaeology from Reading. Her PhD research has focused on the micromorphology of the Haua Fteah rockshelter, Libya, and utilisation of the sediments for tracing the potential impact of environmental change on dispersals of modern humans. In the DISPERSE project, she is widening this focus to examine environmental factors in early hominid dispersals from East Africa to Saudi Arabia on a landscape scale.



Matthew Williams

Matt's post-doc focuses on trying to determine the timings of and influences on prehistoric shellfish gathering on the Farasan Islands. With close to 3000 shell midden sites, excavation and dating form a key component of the work. It is also possible to reconstruct human responses to environmental change, both by looking at changes in composition of sites over time, and changes in site location. This complements other areas of the project by creating models for shell midden site location which can be applied to earlier periods of coastal exploitation.