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Design vs. Dogma: Reflections on Field Archaeology

Posted on 7 June 2010

Martin's Rhind Lectures are now on-line.

Design vs Dogma: Reflections on Field Archaeology: The Rhind Lectures presented by Professor Martin Carver, University of York. Image The Society of Antiquaries of Scotland

Fifty years after Mortimer Wheeler gave his Rhind Lectures on ‘Archaeology from the Earth,' Martin Carver reflects on what the international academy, the profession, government and society want from archaeological fieldwork, and how their diverse agendas might be addressed to the mutual benefit of all.

The 2010 Rhind Lectures were recorded by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland using Camtasia software, and produced as MP4 files available to view and download from Screencast:-

Lecture 1:  Confessions of a free-lance  

Lecture 2:  The wonderful world of Willie the Worm

Lecture 3:  Out on the street

Lecture 4:  A Road Map  

Lecture 5:  Design on tour

Lecture 6:  High road and low road in Scotland