Accessibility statement

Dr. Abdullah Alsharek

Dr. Abdullah Alsharekh is currently in York as one of the University’s Distinguished Visiting Fellows, and will be here until early September.

Dr. Alsharekh completed his PhD in Archaeology at the University of Cambridge in 1996 and is currently Associate Professor in the College of Tourism and Archaeology at King Saud University, Riyadh. He has worked on the prehistoric archaeology of Saudi Arabia with particular interests in the Palaeolithic period, in the stone structures of later prehistoric periods, and in the use of remote sensing techniques in archaeological survey. He is Director of the recently completed Thumamah Project, which involved survey and excavation of stone structures in the Thumamah region near Riyadh. He is also co-director with Geoff Bailey of the Southern Red Sea project, a joint Saudi-UK project concerned with the Palaeolithic and coastal prehistory of Southwest Saudi Arabia and the Farasan Islands.

While here, he will be working on publication of material from this project and on plans for future fieldwork and collaboration. He is also Deputy Dean for Development and Quality at King Saud University, Riyadh, and is hoping to learn more about York’s approach to issues relating to teaching quality and academic accreditation.