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Who’s a clever boy and Who’s a clever girl?

Members of the Archaeology Department now have the privilege of rubbing shoulders with “The new British Academic Elite” on a day to day basis. The department had the unusual distinction of having two new entries into the new Who’s Who guide published this month by A&C Black Publishers Ltd. Biographees are included in recognition of the distinction they have attained in their professional lives.

In case you didn’t know them, already (which of course by definition you should) and because we're modest, we include only those essential items of information you really need to know:

CARVER, Prof. Martin Oswald Hugh; Professor of Archaeology, University of York, since 1986; Recreation: flute.

GRENVILLE, Jane Clare, FSA; Head of Department of Archaeology, University of York, since 2001, Recreations: dogs, academic Russian roulette.

Jane, what is that revolver doing on your desk?