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Research Grants Success

Recent grant success in the Department of Archaeology includes:

  • a new NERC funded postdoctoral position to investigate the application of amino acid racemization to geochronology;
  • support from the Edinburgh Forensic Institute to investigate the application of enamel protein for estimate age at death;
  • support from the British Academy to look at and compare the interpretation of labour heritage and manor houses;
  • a NERC funded studentship tied to a CONNECT B award, which is exploiting success of the use of proteomics to detect ancient protein, but in this project is directed to detect the presence of protein in heated bone;
  • NERC support for the dating program at Tarbat;
  • an EU Fellowship to Enrico Cappellini to investigate the repair of ancient DNA (with Hendrik Poinar, McMaster, Canada and James Chong, a new appointment in Biology);
  • AHRB studentships for our Masters and PhD programs
  • The total value of these awards amounts to over £300,000.
  • Jane Grenville, Head of Department commented "We are delighted at the early successes of our new staffing arrangements (both changes in existing disposition of staff time, and new appointments) that are so clearly delivering excellent returns"