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Vikings Research Group: Artefacts

Jorvik Viking Centre, copyright YAT

Tuesday 15 November 2011, 5.00PM to 18:00 or so

Speaker(s): Dave Haldenby (independent) and Nicky Rogers (YAT)

This week's session will be a wide-ranging discussion around the subject of artefacts.  We begin with Dave Haldenby, a detectorist and independent researcher who has worked and published with Julian Richards.  Dave will be talking about patterning he has identified in early-medieval dress accessories.  We'll then move on to Nicky Rogers, finds researcher with York Archaeological Trust, who will be talking to us about some of the star finds (Viking and otherwise) from the YAT's star site of Hungate. There may even be some artefacts to look at!

Location: K/159

Admission: All postgraduates and staff welcome.