Research Group Meetings

The Research Forum slot is preceded by a 2.15pm session for smaller informal research clusters to meet. These are more ad hoc groups which may come together to develop a specific grant proposal or to convene as a reading group. Broader thematic and period research groups may also meet during this slot periodically to report on progress. Both types of research group will then feed into the Research Forum schedule to keep the wider community up to date with progress.

Although the Research Groups are designed primarily for members of the Department of Archaeology, occasionally external researchers will be invited and some meetings will be of interest to students in CMS, CREMS, CECS or other Departments, who are most welcome to attend. Open to all staff and research students – interested MA & MSc students should contact the Research Group coordinator.

If you have a suggestion for a session, and we would like to offer something most weeks during term, please contact Jo Tozer (jo.tozer) with information about your title, subject, preferred date(s) and the kind of format which you have in mind.

The objectives are simply to stimulate focused discussion on a topic with a relatively small group of people with shared research interests – this might entail a 15-20 minute presentation, but nothing longer; or short 5-10 minute presentations by a group of individuals; or critical review of a recent article/publication; or brain storming in response to a grant application/funding call.

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