Cats, coffins and costumes: 100 years of scientific research at the British Museum


Monday 11 February 2019, 1.00PM

Speaker(s): Carl Heron

A small team of laboratory scientists works in the British Museum, alongside curators and conservators, to help preserve the collection, to undertake research and to disseminate the findings. Since the appointment of Alexander Scott in 1919 to ‘conduct an enquiry into the objects in the collection’, laboratory research at the Museum has focussed on a wealth of approaches including dating methods, compositional analysis, technological investigation and artefact provenance. Another strand has provided multiple insights into ancient lives through imaging and analysis of human remains in the collection. What should scientific investigation of the collection focus on in the 21 st century? What new approaches can be explored? How can we raise the profile of scientific research at the British Museum and ensure engagement with the widest possible audience? This presentation will tackle these and other questions.

Location: B/B/002

Admission: This is part of the York Seminar series and is free to attend and open to all.