Archaeology and Placeshaping - why it is time to re-evaluate what we mean by developer led archaeological mitigation


Wednesday 21 February 2018, 4.15PM

Speaker(s): Neil Redfern, Historic England

Recent work to upgrade the A1 in North Yorkshire has seen over £12 million spent on archaeological mitigation. A good investment for archaeologists but did it represent value for money and who ultimately benefitted from this work. Built nearly 2000 years ago, Dere Street has had fundamental impact on the landscape but how was this used to help shape the new road and how archaeologists engaged with the communities who line along its route. 

Through looking at  the upgrade of the A1 and other projects I have been engaged with I will explore how archaeological mitigation might make a stronger contribution to placeshaping and public engagement.

This talk will now not be live streamed, apologies for any inconvenience. 

Location: The Philip Rahtz Lecture Theatre (K/133), King's Manor

Admission: This is part of the York Seminar series and is free to attend and open to all.