Textile Conservation at the People's History Museum


Wednesday 14 February 2018, 4.15PM

Speaker(s): Jenny van Enckevort, PHM Conservation

The conservation studio at the People’s History Museum was established in 1990 to conserve the museums extensive collection of trade union and political banners, thought to be the largest in the world. This talk will focus on the work of PHM Conservation as it has developed, from being purely banner focused to a more multi disciplinary approach with intention to inspire visitors and improve access to the wider collection. The aim is to provide an introduction to the collection giving an overview of the type of conservation problems we encounter.  It will also discuss the 2018 theme marking the centenary of all men and some women gaining the right to vote in Britain by highlighting a key object we plan to feature in this year’s exhibition. Finally, it will draw attention to an example of a recent conservation project for an external organisation which provides income generation for the museum and is a core aspect of our work.
Jenny van Enckevort is senior conservator at the Textile's Conservation Studio for the People's History Museum. 

Location: The Philip Rahtz Lecture Theatre (K/133), King's Manor

Admission: This is part of the York Seminar series and is free to attend and open to all.