York Seminar Series

The YSS talks are free open lectures which cover an array of archaeological topics, aimed at both members of the university and the public. Our guest speakers are experts in their various fields and come from institutions across the UK and worldwide.

Seminars take place every Monday at 1pm in the Philip Rahtz Lecture Theatre (K/133) in King’s Manor.

The 2018/2019 series will run from Monday 1 October to Monday 19 November 2018, and Monday 14 January to Monday 4 March 2019. The series is free to attend and open to all.

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Programme for 2018/2019

Autumn Term:

2 1 Oct 2018 Fiona Coward Social networking before Facebook: people, places and things from the earliest hunters and gatherers to settled agriculturalists, and everything in between
3 8 Oct 2018 Ruben Lopez Catalan The Archaeology of the Lincoln Bypass
4 15 Oct 2018 Ronan O'Donnell and Kayt Armstrong Contrasts and Contradictions: the materiality of resilience, change and intervention in the North East 1929-39
5 22 Oct 2018 Gordon Noble Kingship and Society in Northern Pictland
7 5 Nov 2018 TBA TBA
8 12 Nov 2018 Becky Gowland The Expendables: Bioarchaeological Evidence for Child Labour during the
Industrial Revolution in 18th-19th century England
9 19 Nov 2018 Elizabeth Lambourn TBA

Spring Term:

2 14 Jan 2019 Enrico Crema Reconstructing prehistoric population change: new challenges and old problems
3 21 Jan 2019 Gill Hey Telling the whole story: publishing sites in a developer-funded context'
4 28 Jan 2019 Neil Roberts

What has driven Mediterranean landscape change since the Neolithic: human or natural agencies?

5 4 Feb 2019 Tania Dickinson The Staffordshire Hoard, 2009–2019: piecing together an Anglo-Saxon treasure
7 18 Feb 2019 Carl Heron

Cats, coffins and costumes: 100 years of scientific research at the British

8 25 Feb 2019 Ian Barnes Population continuity and replacement in Britain from the Mesolithic to the Bronze Age
9 4 Mar 2019 Mark Knight Deposition interrupted – The Must Farm Pile dwellings