Exhibiting the Icon of the Cold War: Approaches to Preserving and Communicating the Berlin Wall

Tuesday 12 February 2019, 5.30PM to 18:45

Speaker(s): Axel Klausmeier

The Berlin Wall was the Icon of the Cold War. It symbolized the divided world until its political fall in November 1989. Today, not much is left of its once 155 kilometre-long structure, although it is famous all over the world. The Berlin Wall Foundation is responsible for looking after its most prominent remains in a city with more than 30 million tourists a year and permanent, often disputable, building activities. How are these precious physical remains being treated? Which stories are being told in a World of a great number of new Walls? What does the Berlin Wall stand for today?


Dr Axel Klausmeier is Director of the Berlin Wall Foundation and has worked and published extensively on the documentation, handling and discussion of historical structures and historical cultural landscapes, in particular with regard to the history and significance of the Berlin Wall.

Location: K/159

Admission: Free

Email: lmd527@york.ac.uk