LANDE: the Calais "Jungle" and Beyond

Tuesday 9 October 2018, 5.30PM

Speaker(s): Rachael Kiddey, Dan Hicks and Sarah Mallet

This seminar introduces the ongoing research in European contemporary archaeology that lies behind the forthcoming museum exhibition "Lande: the Calais "Jungle" and Beyond", which opens at the Pitt Rivers Museum on 29 March 2019 runs to 29 November 2019. The themes addressed will include: 1) documenting the material, visual and digital culture of forced migration in Europe and the Middle East, 2) the status of the European ethnological museum after the refugee crisis of 2015, and 3) contemporary archaeology and activism in the context of the Calais "Jungle" and beyond.

This talk will be given by the three members of the "Lande" project team, which is currently funded by AHRC, ESRC, HEFCE (GCRF), British Academy, and the John Fell OUP Fund. All three of us — Rachael Kiddey, Sarah Mallet, and Dan Hicks — are based in the School of Archaeology and the Pitt Rivers Museum at the University of Oxford. Please do make a note in your diary to visit our exhibition in Oxford next year. (We open on the weekend currently scheduled date for the Brexit, running for eight months.) To find out more about our current activities, including publications from this and other projects, please do also follow us on Twitter: @RachaelKiddey, @SarahMallet and @ProfDanHicks. 


Rachael Kiddey is British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of Oxford 

Sarah Mallet is Project Researcher for Lande: the Calais "Jungle" and Beyond in the School of Archaeology and Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford

Dan Hicks is Professor of Contemporary Archaeology at the University of Oxford , Curator, Pitt Rivers Museum, Fellow of St Cross College, Oxford, and Trustee of Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA).


Location: K/159

Admission: Free