Looking Out, Looking In – Island Archaeology and Heritage in Jersey

Tuesday 6 November 2018, 5.30PM to 18:45

Speaker(s): Jon Carter

The management of heritage is particularly tested in small islands where there is great pressure on land use, contested versions of identity, and access to national and international support can be limited.  Jersey is a British Crown Dependency outside the UK and European Union and consequently beyond the reach of national heritage management frameworks and funding streams.   So the value for a small Island nation of international expert partnerships is significant.  The talk will look at various themes of Island-ness as they are expressed in Jersey’s heritage and at some of the current heritage management projects seeking to expand, strengthen and deepen partnerships, including with the Archaeology Department at the University of York. 


Jonathan Carter is Chief Executive of Jersey Heritage, an independent charity running museums, archives and historic environment services in the Channel Island of Jersey.

Location: K/159

Admission: Free

Email: ade506@york.ac.uk