London Mithraeum: A New Light on London’s Roman Temple of Mithras

Tuesday 22 January 2019, 5.30PM to 18:45

Speaker(s): Louise Fowler

London Mithraeum Bloomberg SPACE is a new cultural destination in the City of London built around the reconstructed remains of the Roman Temple of Mithras, originally discovered on the site in 1954 and now located within the basement of Bloomberg’s new European headquarters. This talk will cover the work that Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA) have been doing with Bloomberg, in close collaboration with a large team of exhibition designers, architects, artists, stonemasons, conservators and others, to build a new reconstruction of the temple and bring the site’s rich history to life. The new London Mithraeum includes an immersive experience that evokes the atmosphere of the Roman temple and a display of over 600 Roman artefacts found during MOLA’s recent excavation at the site, with an interactive website incorporating the work of MOLA archaeologists and specialists.



Louise Fowler is a Post-Excavation Manager at MOLA, based in London. She has been working in archaeology in London since 2005, supervising excavations, co-authoring publications, and managing post-excavation projects. Louise is part of the MOLA team that has been working with Bloomberg to build a new reconstruction of the Temple of Mithras and to display finds from the recent excavations.


Location: K/159

Admission: Free