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In the Aftermath of the Earthquake: Constructing a Heritage Trail in the Langtang Valley, Nepal

Tuesday 5 December 2017, 12.30PM to 13:30

Speaker(s): Emma Waterton & Hayley Saul

This presentation will report the results of the collaborative efforts to revive the Langtang Valley, Nepal, following the devastations brought about by the April 2015 earthquakes. The presentation will be composed of three parts: (1) an overview of the heritage work being undertaken in the village of Langtang prior to the earthquakes; (2) a recounting of the earthquakes themselves, particularly as they affected the Langtang Valley; (3) recent attempts to revitalise tourism in the valley through the creation of a Langtang Heritage Trail.

Join us in Kings Manor, or watch live on the University of York Department of Archaeology Facebook page.

Location: K/159

Admission: Free