DIGIFACTS: Engaging with 3D Digital and Printed Replicas of Artefacts inside Museums

Tuesday 13 February 2018, 5.30PM to 18:45

Speaker(s): Paola Di Giuseppantonio Di Franco

This paper aims at presenting the results of a recent Marie SkÅ‚odowska Curie Project, DIGIFACTS: Digital artefacts: How People Perceive Tangible Cultural Heritage through Different Media. The project was aimed at showing how new technologies affect museum practices and improve our understanding of how people perceive and interact with artefacts through different media (visual examination of original artefacts inside display cases, 3D digital replicas, 3D prints). This project was in collaboration with the Museum of Anthropology and Archaeology in Cambridge, developing a research programme to feed into the redevelopment of the World Archaeology Gallery.

The results of this research suggest that traditional museum practices, which see textual or similar provisions as necessary a priori for a valuable learning experience in a museum, can be modified, so that the physical experience with artefacts becomes intimate a priori. Further, virtual and/or tactile manipulation of artefacts’ replicas allows museum visitors to freely create their own narratives of the past. As a result, museum visitors become more intrigued with the stories of museum objects and more critically engaged with expert interpretations proposed a posteriori.

This project has contributed to a redefinition of authenticity in the context of digital heritage and digital archaeology and reinforce the idea that authenticity is defined on the basis of the nature of engagement and experience with objects (and their digital copies), rather than a quest for authenticity in the objects themselves.

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Location: K/159

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