Designing and Using Digital Games as Historical Learning Contexts

Tuesday 21 November 2017, 5.30PM

Speaker(s): Juan Hiriart, University of Salford

In the last decades, digital games based on historical themes or settings have become an important form of historical engagement. In spite of the growing academic interest in using game technologies for historical purposes, still many questions regarding its representational appropriateness, educational effectiveness, and practical implementation in formal and informal educational settings remain unclear.

In this presentation, I would like to give an overview of a Ph.D. research project set to analyse games as historical learning contexts. This study adopts a practice-based approach, relying on the iterative development of historical game prototypes based on Anglo-Saxon England. Drawing from expert interviews and the contextual implementation of the prototypes in primary school classrooms, the research has contributed to gain a better understanding of the theoretical and practical issues involved in the design and implementation of historical game based learning contexts, making empirical connections between educational theory, historical learning, and games design.

Location: K/159

Admission: Free