"On time, On Budget" and Beyond: Challenging the Modus Operandi of Commercial Fieldwork

Tuesday 24 November 2015, 5.15PM

Speaker(s): Guy Hunt (L - P : Archaeology) & Florence Laino (L - P : Archaeology)

The 100 Minories project, now in post-excavation and analysis phases, is a developer funded archaeological excavation of a site near the Tower of London in central London. The primary objective of the project is to accomplish the excavation and recording of the site in a speedy and cost effective manner for the client. In UK commercial archaeology, this primary aim is often the only goal of an excavation project; the 100 Minories project aimed to challenge this view and to test out ways in which an excavation project can go beyond this primary goal.

Within the project, the dig team was invited to join the 100 Symposium, an umbrella for a series of activities, spanning academic research, staff training, professional development and public engagement. Activities included regular after hours seminars, publication of ongoing research on the project website and a pop-up museum. This talk presents the work of the 100 Symposium and offers some perspectives on what has and hasn't worked in this experimental process so far.


Guy Hunt is a Partner at L - P : Archaeology, a UK based archaeological unit. He manages commercial archaeological projects in London and around the UK. His work also includes public engagement and digital archaeology, often within a commercial archaeology context.

Florence Laino is a University of York alumnus, having finished an BA and MSc in the Archaeology Department in 2014. She has been working with L - P for the past year on the 100 Minories project, managing the 100 Symposium, as well as the project website and social media.

Location: King's Manor / 159

Admission: Free & open to all. Join us for wine at 5.15pm, with talk beginning at 5.30pm. This is a YOHRS (York Heritage Research Seminars) event livestreamed through http://www.youtube.com/uofyarchaeology

Email: sara.perry@york.ac.uk