Exhibition Launch: Buildings that Fill My Eye - The Architectural Heritage of Yemen

Friday 11 January 2019, 5.00PM to 7:30

Speaker(s): Professor Trevor Marchand

Join the Department of Archaeology at the University of York in welcoming the exhibition, "Buildings that Fill My Eye - The Architectural Heritage of Yemen" to the King's Manor Common Room for public display until 1 April, 2019. The exhibition features large-scale images of Yemen's rich and threatened architectural heritage. This opening will be celebrated with a wine reception in the King's Manor Common Room from 5 - 6pm. 

This exhibition is sponsored by the MBI Al Jaber Foundation.

The exhibition launch will feature a public lecture by Emeritus Professor Trevor Marchand from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London, from 6.15 - 7.30:

What Future for Yemen’s Architecture? Yemen’s architecture is world-renowned. The ancient cities of Shibam, Ṣan‘ā’ and Zabīd are on the UNESCO World Heritage list, and a number of other sites await inclusion. Each possesses a distinct sense of place, resulting from a combination of topographic features, native ingenuity and locally available construction materials. A long history of conflict and resistance, too, has contributed significantly to the vernacular expression of Yemen’s building traditions. Today’s hydra-headed conflict, however, poses an unprecedented threat to the country’s architectural heritage, and to its people. The lecture will take stock of the ongoing damage as well as current efforts to safeguard buildings and sustain conservation programmes. It will also address factors beyond the military conflict that pose perhaps more enduring challenges to the survival of Yemen’s traditional building practices.

Trevor Marchand is Emeritus Professor of Social Anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London; recipient of the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Rivers Memorial Medal (2014), and consultant for ICOMOS. He trained as an architect (McGill), received a PhD in anthropology (SOAS), and qualified as a fine woodworker at London’s Building Crafts College. Marchand has conducted fieldwork with craftspeople in Nigeria, Yemen, Mali, and London. He has published extensively, directed documentary films and curated exhibitions for the Smithsonian (Washington DC), the RIBA (London), Brunei Gallery (London), Museum of Oriental Art (Turin) and the Pergamon Museum (Berlin). Marchand works as an independent researcher and writer. His forthcoming monograph is titled The Pursuit of Pleasurable Work.


Location: King's Manor Common Room; Lecture is in K/133

Admission: FREE

Email: archaeology@york.ac.uk