Exhibition Launch: Making Art in the Magdalenian

Friday 5 October 2018, 5.00PM to 18:00

Join us in the King's Manor Common Room for the exhibition launch of Making Art in the Magdalenian, featuring a spectacular array of Palaeolithic portable art.

Making Art in the Magdalenian explores the object biographies of art objects from the Magdalenian site of Montastruc, France. This exhibition highlights the diversity in skill evident in Palaeolithic portable art production at Montastruc, giving a tantalising window into differential authorship, as expressed through diverse skill levels in similar types of artistic expression. This exhibition stems from Dr Andrew Needham's PhD work on these objects.

Dr Andrew Needham specialises in the study of ancient art, especially in the Palaeolithic and Mesolithic periods. His current work focuses on the production of engraved plaquettes at Montastruc, explaining Neanderthal artistic expression, and the analysis of beads and pendants from the British Mesolithic site of Star Carr.


Location: King's Manor Common Room

Admission: FREE