IN-PACE: Internationalizing Nabunken for Promoting Academic and Cultural Exchange between Japan and UK

This project aims to foster networks between the participating institutions in the UK such as SISJAC, SOAS, University of York or others and Nabunken (Nara National Research Institute for Cultural Properties, hereafter) in Japan, and to establish collaborative research pathways that can be developed into larger scale research projects through a series of seminars. The individual lectures in this seminar series are framed by broader methodological and theoretical questions that offer further development of inter-regional and cross-disciplinary research topics and questions.

Upcoming Seminar

Seminar 1: 24th September 2015 (kick-off meeting)
Presenter: M Jinno, “Plant Oil Use in Ancient Japan – Focusing on Oil Lamps”
Discussant 1: Carl Heron (University of Bradford)
Discussant 2: Oliver Craig (University of York)

Venue: Sainsbury Institute for the Study of Japanese Arts and Culture (64 The Close, Norwich NR1 4DH)

Future Seminars

Seminar 2: November 2015 (SOAS, London)
Presenter: J Furihata, “Analytical studies for the ancient lead-glazed fragments excavated in Japan”
Discussant 1: Ian Freestone (UCL)
Discussant 2: Marcos Martinón-Torres (UCL)
Objective: Establishing a global scale comparison of ceramic and glass studies.

Seminar 3: January 2016 (SOAS, London)
Presenter: Y Ono, “Exoticism in Japanese Ceramics”
Discussant 1: Charlotte Horlyck (SOAS)
Discussant 2: Simon Kaner (SISJAC)

Seminar 4: March 2016 (University of York, York)
Presenter: S Unno, “New aspect of Japanese Architectural History based on excavation”
Discussant 1: Kate Giles (University of York)
Discussant 2: Jane Grenville (University of York)

Seminar 5: May 2016 (University of York, York)
Presenter: S Shoda, “Toward a new approach for transition from hunter gatherer society to agricultural society in northeast Asia, with focus on Japan”
Discussant 1: Gina Barnes (SOAS)
Discussant 2: Penny Bickle (University of York)

The seminar is free to attend and no registration is required. However, the organiser would appreciate an idea of numbers ahead of the day.
Please contact: Shinya Shoda (