Coastal Shell Middens and Agricultural Origins in Atlantic Europe
Coastal Shell Middens and Agricultural Origins in Atlantic Europe
Coastal Shell Middens and Agricultural Origins in Atlantic Europe    


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We have been collaborating with Professor Søren H. Andersen since 1973 and collecting samples from middens across Denmark for specialist analysis. Recent work includes projects on the middens of Norsminde, Visborg, Dyngby and Krabbesholm.

Recently in May 2004 Eva and Nicky visited Krabbesholm again for the last ever season and collected a full column sample for molluscan analysis. We are hoping to get further seasonality results from this midden as well as carrying out a full study of the molluscs present and investigating the possibility of intensive exploitation/changing environments by examining size changes and ages of shells through the stratigraphy.

Oliver is also working on biomolecular characterisation of food residues on ceramics from Ertebølle and TRB sites in Denmark in order to understand food preparation and consumption practices. This work is in collaboration with Marcus Foster (PhD student), Professor Carl Heron, Professor Søren Andersen and Dr Eva Koch.

              Relevant publications...

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