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Social Media for the Department of Archaeology 


Here in the Department we are applying a variety of social media platforms (see links on right) to achieve multiple aims. These include:

  • creating connections between students, staff and the online archaeological network
  • engaging in sustained conversation with interested community members, alumni and departmental and university affiliates
  • showcasing our research to the wider public

We take social media seriously and strive to engage with emerging research on digital media applications and engagement. In this way, our approach is designed to enable us to work online in a safe and meaningful fashion.


External Relations Publicity Manager: Colleen Morgan


Google+ Administrator: Matthew Collins

Website officer: Neil Gevaux


Guidelines & Reports

The Department's social media strategy was originally drafted in 2010 by our previous ‘social medians’ Pat Hadley and Emily Rayner (see documentation linked below).

They passed the torch to Kat Foxton in 2013 and Paul Montgomery and Dena Tasse-Winter in 2015. Social media is now run as part of the External Relations Team by the Publicity Officer, Dr. Colleen Morgan.

These documents are kept for historical reference and are no longer updated.

Research & Ethics

Alongside our guidelines and reports, we referenced a variety of research documents, ethical policies and best practice outputs. These include:

If you have any queries about our approach, or wish to report to us about your experiences on our social media outlets, please contact our social media team.

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Contact Us

Our social media team is accessible via the links above or by email.