Confirmation, Clearing, and Change of Course Offers

If you've applied to the Department of Archaeology for admission in 2017-18, the information on this page should answer any questions you have about your place at York. If you have any questions about our decisions, Change of Course offers, or any Clearing places we may hold, our Admissions Officers will be available to take calls from 8:00 AM on the morning of Thursday, August 17th. Please call 01904 32 3901, and you will be directed to a dedicated member of staff who can discuss your situation with you.



If you were holding a Conditional Firm or Conditional Insurance offer with us, you will be able to see our decision on UCAS Track on results day. If you still have any results or documentation that is outstanding, or if you missed your grades, you may still see a conditional offer. If you have a question about our decision or about documentation that you still need to submit, please get in touch with our Admissions Officers on 01904 32 3935. If you have missed your grades, we may not have been able to make a decision immediately, but we will do so as soon as we can. Please note that we CAN confirm the decision we have made, but we CANNOT tell you what grades you received. This information has to be obtained from your school.

What next?

If your offer has been confirmed, congratulations! We look forward to meeting you in the Autumn. Useful information will be available through You@York and on the New students and Accommodation Office websites. Also keep an eye out in your email inbox for information about our 'Welcome to the Department of Archaeology' website, which will help ease your transition into becoming an archaeology student at York. It has been designed specifically to answer a lot of the questions that incoming freshers have about joining the Department of Archaeology. Once you have a university login, you can also start to look around the internal departmental webpages, to find out more detailed information about the modules you'll take in your first year, assessments, and departmental policies. 

If you have missed your offer grades, we may not have been able to confirm your offer to Archaeology this year. We know this will be disappointing to you, and if you have questions about our decision, a member of our admissions team can speak with you and talk you through your options. If you have your heart set on York, you may want to take a year out instead of going to university this year, taking that time to either resit your exams or take new qualifications. We always welcome re-applications from students we have considered before, and we are happy to advise you on your best course of action.

Change of course

Change of Course Offers

If you originally applied to the University of York in History or Biology/Chemistry/Natural Sciences, you may have been made a Change of Course Offer to the Department of Archaeology. If this is the case, UCAS Track will still show a conditional offer from York in your original department, and you will have received an email explaining that the university was unable to confirm your place in your first choice course. However, if you would still like to attend the University of York, you may do so on a different course in the Department of Archaeology -- usually either the BA in Historical Archaeology (V401) or the BSc in Bioarchaeology (V403), although any of our archaeology courses are open to change of course students. See the University's Clearing and Adjustment pages for information about a Visit Day for students taking up a place with York through Change of course or Clearing.

What does it mean?

If you have received a Change of Course Offer, it means that unfortunately you have not been accepted to your original choice of course at York. However, after reviewing your UCAS application carefully, we have identified you as a candidate who may be interested in a related degree course in the Department of Archaeology, which still has limited places available. You may never have thought about Archaeology as a degree subject before, and we understand that you will want to consider your options carefully. You can see further information about our courses below, and please get in touch with our Admissions Officers on 01904 32 3935 to enquire about your Change of Course Offer and to find out more about Archaeology at York.

Change of Course to Historical Archaeology (V401)

If you originally applied to the Department of History at York, you may have been made an offer to Historical Archaeology, which is one of our most popular degree courses. On our BA in Historical Archaeology programme, you will be able to specialize in the study of those periods of the past for which texts and documents also survive. At York this encompasses everything from the ancient Egyptians and Romans through the medieval and early modern periods, all the way up to the 21st century. In Historical Archaeology, we make a point to integrate documentary evidence—from texts, archival material, and maps—with the evidence drawn from material culture, in order to gain a more complete understanding of the human past. York is one of the leading Historical Archaeology research and teaching centres in the UK, and over half of our staff specializes in historic periods.

More information about the BA in Historical Archaeology.

Change of Course to Bioarchaeology (V403)

If you originally applied to the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, or Natural Sciences at York, you may have been made an offer to study Bioarchaeology. The BSc in Bioarchaeology is one of our fastest growing degrees, and we are the only UK university to offer this discipline at undergraduate level. York is one of the leading reseach centres for Bioarchaeology in the world, and we have close links and shared facilities with the departments of Biology, Chemistry, and Environment. Bioarchaeology is the application of biological and chemical sciences to questions about the human past, and this exciting discipline has delivered groundbreaking discoveries about our past and our planet. We research and teach on topics including human evolution and the development of plants and animals, forensics and the history of disease and medicine, and climate and ecology in the past and present, and we use exciting and innovative techniques in DNA and biomolecular analysis to explore everything from human skeletons, to animal-bone artefacts, to Egyptian mummies.

More information about the BSc in Bioarchaeology.

What next?

We know this is a big decision and a stressful time, and it's important that you take your time in making your choices. We are happy to talk to you about all of your options, so please do call us to speak with a member of the Archaeology department before making your final decision.

If you decide to accept your Change of Course offer, you will need to take the following steps:

1. Send an email to, copying in, confirming in writing that you would like to accept the change of course offer.

2. The university's central admissions team will process the decision with UCAS, and you should soon see on UCAS Track that your offer at York has been changed to Unconditional on your new course.

3. If you would like to visit the department in person, register for the Clearing and Change of Course Visit Day. You can do this through the University's Clearing and Adjustment webpages.

4. Students accepted via Change of Course will be considered for accommodation in line with their original choice at York. 


If you decide against taking your Change of Course offer, you will need to do the following:

1. Send an email to, copying in, confirming in writing that you would like to refuse the change of course offer.

2. The university's central admissions team will process the decision with UCAS as soon as possible. You will be rejected from York, and you will thus be released to your insurance offer or into Clearing.

3. If you want to be in Clearing, and the decision hasn't yet appeared, don't worry. You can still call around to other universities you are interested in. They may not be able to see your application on UCAS until you are released into clearing, but you can still discuss the possibility of an offer with them if you explain your qualifications and your situation. You will not be disadvantaged in Clearing, as no one is able to refer themselves to a clearing choice until 3:00 PM, by which time we will have likely processed your rejection.


Clearing and Adjustment

You will be able to search for any York courses that are open for Clearing and Adjustment on UCAS on the morning of results day via UCAS or the University's Clearing and Adjustment webpages. If you are interested in a place in the Department of Archaeology, please get in touch with us from 8:00 AM on 01904 32 3935. Information about accommodation for Clearing and Adustment students is available through the Accommodation Office website.


To be eligible for Clearing, you must not hold any offers from any other institutions, either because your Firm and Insurance choices have rejected you, you have declined or been released from all your offers, or you have not been made any offers (late applicants). You will be able to see this on UCAS Track. If you are interested in entering the Department of Archaeology at York through Clearing, you will need to do the following:

1) Contact our admissions officers, and give us your UCAS number so that we may review your application and grades. We may not be able to give you an answer immediately over the phone, but we will call you back as soon as possible with our decision. You will need to provide us with an email and phone number, and be available for the whole day, so that we can get back in touch with you.

2) If we provisionally offer you a place through Clearing, you will need to add York (Y50) and your chosen course (V400, V401, V402, V403, or V404) as your Clearing Choice on UCAS. The system is locked until 3:00 PM to give students time to weigh all their options. If we have made you a clearing offer, your place is safe as long as you add us as a clearing choice as soon as possible after 3:00. Do not add us as a Clearing Choice before speaking to our Admissions Officers and receiving an offer of a place. If you choose NOT to take up a clearing place you have been offered, please let us know as soon as possible by phone or email, so we can offer your place to other waiting students.


You are eligible for adjustment if you have exceeded the terms of your original Firm offer. If your grades have met our entry requirements, we may have a place available for you through Adjustment. More information about Adjustment is available from the University's Clearing and Adjustment webpages. You can contact our Admissions Tutor on 01904 32 3935 to enquire about available places in adjustment.

You must register for Adjustment through UCAS Track for us to be able to see your application. Your original place will be held for you while you make Adjustment enquiries.

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Deciding to accept a change of course from Biology to Bioarchaeology is definitely one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was able to pursue my interests in both science and the human past, and I took the chance to get involved in many aspects of Archaeology, not just the sciences! My dissertation involved analysing plant microfossil and lipid residues of foods once cooked in prehistoric pottery, allowing me to explore past human diet while gaining advanced laboratory skills. Since finishing my degree in 2013, I've gone on to an MSc in Bioarchaeology and now a PhD in Organic Chemistry!

David, BSc Bioarchaeology