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Microscopic and imaging equipment for microwear and microresidue analysis of artefacts

‌BioArCh has a microscope fully fitted for high power microwear and micro-residue analysis of artefacts. The Leica DM 1750M transmitted light microscope has a long working distance and objectives with all the magnifications (ranging from x5-x100) necessary for recording mineral and organic microresidues and micropolish. It is fitted with an x/y incident light stage with a stage bracket, polarizer and analyser. Making high quality micrographs is made easy with the addition of a 2.5 Megapixel HD Microscope Camera (Leica MC 120 HD) and LAS Montage photographic software: providing high resolution in-depth z-stack images, viewable on a HD screen.  For low-power analysis of artefacts, a stereoscope has been fitted with a Leica MC 120 HD camera, with LAS Montage software also available to produce micrographs of macrowear traces.