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The Wolds Research Project was established in 2002. It brings together a number of departmental staff in a multi-period research project focussed on a rich archaeological landscape in the environs of the City of York. This web site will evolve as the results of specific sub-projects are added to it. Currently it sets out the overall goals of the project and its sub-themes and provides partial results for the Wharram area.

Interactive Map of the Wolds
Field Work Locations
West Heslerton
Iron Age
Early Medieval
Post Medieval

Map Instructions:
Checking one of the checkboxes to the right of the map turns on the associated map layer and unchecking the box hides the layer. When a layer is visible, the orange dot acts as a hyperlink to the results page for the specified area. All of the Field Work Location checkboxes can be turned on and off by using the checkbox to the left of the Field Work Locations heading. Periods can only be turned on and off individually.

Keyboard Shortcuts and Navigation:
Use the following key(s) and click on the map to:
Zoom in: Ctrl; Zoom out: Ctrl + Shift; Pan: Alt;
or right click for the navigation menu

NOTE: This map requires the use of a Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) Viewer which can be downloaded for free from Abode.com. The checkboxes for the map layers require the use of JavaScript.

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