Lactase persistence and the early Cultural History of Europe  
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List of Projects on Offer
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Two year Post Doctoral Projects (Experienced Researchers)

ER1 Dairying, the archaeological context: (O'Connor / Edmonds)
ER2 Database coordination: (Rosendahl)

Three year PhD Projects (Early Stage Researchers)

ESR1 The archaeology of early dairying: (Vigne)
ESR2 The material culture involved in dairying: (Lüth)
ESR3 Genetics of modern humans: (Swallow, Troelsen and Thomas)
ESR4 Genetics of ancient humans: (Burger)
ESR5 Genetics of modern cattle: (Bradley)
ESR6 Ancient DNA under selection: (Götherström)
ESR7 Lipids from pottery: (Evershed)
ESR8 Shotgun proteomics of pottery and bone: (Collins and Craig)
ESR9 DNA from pottery and sediment: (Gilbert/Willerslev)
ESR10 Isotopic evidence from human milk consumption: (Hedges)
ESR11 Isotopic evidence from weaning: (Lidén)
ESR12 Modelling the spread of dairying and LP: (Thomas)
ESR13 Diagenetic screening of bone samples: (Kars)




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