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LeCHE: Points

This is a list of ways to build up your points score.

Ancient and modern languages
2 points per session.

Computer applications
2 points per session.

First-aid course (especially for lab. or field-based students)
6 points on completion of course.

Research Forum
6 points after attending at least 6 sessions; 6 points for presenting own paper and completing self-evaluation form.

Postgraduate Research Student Seminars
3 point for presenting own paper; 1 point for each other session attended.

Postgraduate Research Skills module
2 points per session.

Essay-marking workshop
2 points.

GTA work

Complete a self-evaluation form for each activity/module contribution and discuss with the Responsible Staff Member.
2 points per seminar/set of 8 essays, with maximum of 20 points.

Reading archaeological and medieval studies texts in a foreign language
2 points per session

Drop-in language surgery for anyone wishing for additional help with texts in French or German.

Information technology and other computer applications
12 points.

Arcview online tutorials
12 points.

GIS surgeries
On request.

Undergraduate or Masters modules/part-modules
1 point per hour.


Conference attendance
3 points per day; 6 points maximum. Conference poster/paper
9 points.

Organising a conference session (e.g. at TAG)
9 points.

Research Forum

Two students can share responsibility for inviting speakers and preparing the programme in the preceding Summer Term/Vacation, and then chairing each fortnightly session in Autumn and Spring Terms.
6 points.

Organising a student-based research conference
9 points.
Other experiential activities

The LeCHE Book

60 points

Published paper
9 points.

Organising research-student training sessions
Points depending on role/input, but normally not more than twice the points-rating of the event.
Placement. Fieldwork/excavation/heritage management, etc. in an area in which a student is NOT specialising.
3 per day (max. 12)