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Vanbrugh College


ISBA 3 York, UK, 14- 16 September 2008

The Third International Symposium on Biomolecular Archaeology took place in Vanbrugh College on the University of York campus, September14-16, 2008. The general aim of the symposium is to stimulate research in the subject area and to encourage the exchange of information between researchers in different disciplines. Focus of the symposium was on the application of biomolecular techniques to archaeological questions, this ideally in combination with “traditional” archaeological research methods.

For reports on the conference see news stories fro m York (1) and (2) and John Travis's review in Science. Full Text » | PDF » |

The symposium was hosted by the the University of York, and the organizing commmittee consisted of:

Prof. Matthew Collins : Prof. Jane Thomas-Oates : Dr Oliver Craig : Dr Jen Harland : Dr Hannah Koon : Dr Enrico Cappellini : Yue Yang: Beatrice Demarchi: Dr Caroline Solazzo : Dr Kirsty Penkman

Other meetings of interest:-

9th International Conference on Ancient DNA and Associated Biomolecules


The symposium is sponsored by:

GeneTime: Marie Curie Early Stage Training Site : LeCHE: Marie Curie International Training Network : Isoanalytical : Thermo Scientific : Dionex : Bruker Daltonics: Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences (Open Access for 2009): Enterprise & Innovation Office

The first International symposium on biomolecular archaeology was organised by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in the Netherlands 2004 (see ISBA1) and the second in Stockholm by the Archaeological Reserach Laboratory in 2006 (see ISBA 2).