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GeneTime Facilities

York: BioArch

BioArch is a unique interdepartmental initiative at the University of York supported by the Departments of Archaeology and Biology and provides 330m2 of office, preparative and analytical laboratory space exclusively for the study of ancient biomolecules. The labs house GC/MS/MS, LC-MS/MS, HPLC, amino acid analysis, image analysis, sample preparation and wet chemical and sediment labs. These facilities are next door to the groundbreaking 7.5M, 2000m2 Technology Facility, including dedicated mass spectrometers (MALDI-TOF/TOF and LC-MS/MS).

Biology Department

Oxford: ABC

The Henry Wellcome Ancient Biomolecules Centre (ABC) provides specialist, 2 million, ancient DNA research laboratories. The ABC consists of two facilities: a dedicated, stand alone, positive-pressure, UV-sterilised ancient DNA facility and a Molecular Analysis Facility (MAF) which consists of a laboratory and offices located in the Department of Zoology about 5 minutes' walk away. The MAF houses the researchers' offices and equipment (including Real-time PCR) associated with the 'downstream' amplification and analysis of the DNA extracted in the ADF, and provides office space and computing facilities for postdocs and postgraduate students. The computing system is based on powerful, networked MacIntosh 2Ghz G5 dual-processors. A derogated C3 viral research facility al-lows work on low risk viruses. The ABC group has close links with the strong molecular evolution group in the Department of Zoology, collaborating with Dr E. Holmes and using a variety of their analytical programs.

Zoology, Oxford


The Smurfit institute houses laboratories with research in: molecular population genetics; bioinformatics and molecular evolution; ocular genetics; psychiatric genetics; bacterial genetics; plant genetics; neurogenetics; apoptosis and cellular genetics; and includes a transgenic mouse facility. Corresponding state of the art equipment are available. It includes a dedicated ancient DNA facility on a separate floor from other molecular genetic activities. Trinity College is a copyright library and in addition electronic access is available to the most relevant journals

Smurfit, Dublin


Ancient DNA facility has a high tech clean laboratory that are completely physically isolated from other DNA laboratories, with separate ventilation system, positive air pressure, nightly exposure of surfaces to UV-irradiation. It is fully equipped and contains positive and negative flow benches. The post-PCR facility is a modern fully equipped DNA facility, consisting of 3 large laboratory rooms equipped for PCR, cloning, and sequencing. Research is centered on ancient DNA from glacial-ice, sediments, plant macro-fossils, animal, and human bone, teeth and dung. Due to numerous collaborations world wide the facility has access to a large number of ice, sediment cores from Greenland, Siberia and Antarctica as well as bone, teeth and coprolites from America, Asia, and Europe. Large and well equipped freezer laboratories are located in walking distance to the ancient DNA lab, which allow ice and permafrost cores to be sampled under optimal conditions.

Smurfit, Dublin