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Eligibility & Funding

In this section you will find a description of
(i) those early stage researchers (typically post-graduate students) who could participate in this programme,
(ii) the requirement to undertake transnational mobility, and
(iii) the generous allowances awarded to participants in the programme.

For those interested in GeneTime PhD, program details of the specific PhD entry qualification requirements, of each institute, please visit the websites of York, Oxford, Dublin and Copenhagen.

Do I qualify as an Early Stage Researcher?

Early-stage researchers are typically those researchers who could undertake doctoral studies:
"Early-stage researchers are defined as researchers in the first 4 years (full-time equivalent) of their research activity, including the period of research training. The reference period to qualify for an early stage training activity:

- is counted from the diploma giving access to doctoral studies (the degree must entitle the holder to embark on doctoral studies, without having to acquire any further qualifications) in the country in which the diploma was obtained,

- covers the first 4 years of experience in research or the period until a doctoral degree is obtained, whichever is shorter.

Persons who have obtained a doctorate are ineligible for the early stage actions, independently of the time taken to acquire it." (Work Programme section 2.5.3)