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The Fourth GeneTime Workshop ‘Domestication of Plants & Animals’

Tuesday 4 & Wednesday 5 September 2007

Day One (Tuesday 4th September 2007) [Download PDF(76KB)]

 9:40 h    Opening Remarks
Matthew Collins

 9:50 h   Tutorial 1
Anne Tresset (title tbc)

10:50 h    Coffee Break

11:20 h    Student talk Yue (Vickie) Yang
Review: Identifying early domestic cattle from Pre-Pottery Neolithic sites on the Midddle Euphrates using sexual dimorphism (Helmer et al. 2005)

11:40 h    Student talk Simon McGrory
Dairy farmers, dentists and dead cows: A biomolecular approach to a zooarchaeological problem

12:00 h    Tutorial 2
Ol Craig (title tbc)

13:00 h     Lunch

14:20 h     Student talk Frauke Stock
Ancient DNA and cattle domestication

14:40 h     Student talk Michael Campana
Mediaeval cattle breed improvement at Dudley Castle, West Midlands, United Kingdom: A genetic approach

15:00 h     Student talk Julia Elsner
Y chromosomal markers provide no evidence for introgression between wild and domestic cattle in the early European Neolithic

15:20 h     Student talk Camilla Speller
Pre-historic turkey (Meleagris gallopavo) exploitation in the Southwest United States

15:40 h     Tea

16:10 h     Keynote Speech Dan Bradley
How to get ahead with domestic DNA: cattle as a case study

17:10 End of Day One

18:00 Pub, followed by workshop dinner for all participants

Day Two (Wednesday 5th September 2007)

 9:30 h    Tutorial 3 Emma Finlay
Sequences and population history

10:10 h     Student talk Simone Jung
Molecular factors in the evolution of cattle

10:30 h     Student talk Beatrice Demarchi
Review: Multiple origins of cultivated grapevine (Vitis vinifera L. ssp. sativa) based on chloroplast DNA polymorphisms (Arroyo-Garcia et al. 2006)

10:50 h     Coffee

11:20 h     Student talk Paula Campos
Review: Genetic evidence for a second domestication of barley (Hordeum vulgare) east of the Fertile Crescent (Morrell & Clegg 2007)

11:40 h     Student talk Hugo Oliveira
Adopting agriculture in Iberia and North Africa: an archaeogenetic study of tetraploid wheats

12:00 h     Tutorial 4
Greger Larson (title tbc)

13:00 h     Lunch

14:20 h     Student talk Bodo Schulenburg
Review: Animal DNA in PCR reagents plagues ancient DNA research (Leonard et al. 2007)

14:40 h     Closing remarks Ceiridwen Edwards

14:50 h     End of workshop

15:00 h     Tea - DIY

15:30 h     Genetime Ph.D. student meeting Paula Campos
15:50 h     Genetime Ph.D. student meeting Bodo Schulenburg
16:10 h     Genetime Ph.D. student meeting Frauke Stock
16:30 h     Genetime Ph.D. student meeting Yue (Vickie) Yang
16:50 h     GeneTime PI meeting