Ida Kubiszewski

Associate Professor 
Crawford School of Public Policy
Australian National University



I am an Associate Professor at Crawford School of Public Policy at The Australian National University. Prior to this, I was an Assistant Research Professor and Fellow at the Institute for Sustainable Solutions, at Portland State University. I was also a climate change negotiator for the country of the Dominican Republic, following adaptation and loss & damage.

I am the Associate Editor for the Anthropocene Review and Solutions Journal, on the Editorial Board of the journals Ecosystem Services, Energies, and PeerJ. I am also a lead author of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) on the Global Assessment Chapter.

Publication Highlights 

Kubiszewski, I., D. Jarvis, and N. Zakariyya. 2019. Spatial variations in contributors to life satisfaction: An Australian case studyEcological Economics 164: 106345. 

Kubiszewski, I., N. Zakariyya, and D. Jarvis. 2019. Measuring wellbeing at different spatial scales for individuals satisfied and dissatisfied with life. PeerJ 7: e6502. 

Kubiszewski, I., N. Zakariyya, and R. Costanza. 2018. Objective and subjective indicators of life satisfaction in Australia: How well do people perceive what supports a good life? Ecological Economics 154: 361-372. 

Kubiszewski, I., R. Costanza, S. Anderson and P. Sutton. 2017. The future value of ecosystem services: Global scenarios and national implications. Ecosystem Services 26: 289-301. 

Kubiszewski, I., R. Costanza, C. Franco, P. Lawn, J. Talberth, T. Jackson, and C. Aylmer. 2013. Beyond GDP: Measuring and Achieving Global Genuine Progress. Ecological Economics 93: 57-68.

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