Changes in your personal or work circumstances can affect your visa. You should also maintain your understanding of UK government policy in this area.

If your employment circumstances change, (eg you leave the University early than expected, or you gain a new post or promotion at the University, or the length of your contract changes) we must inform the UKVI. This may result in your visa status being re-evaluated.

If your personal circumstances supporting your work and residency status change (eg divorce, where you are dependent on your spouse's work eligibility, or if your student status changes) you must inform HR and the UKVI of this change.

Maintaining your contact details

It is vitally important that you maintain our record of your current contact details including address and telephone number while you work at the University. Any change of contact details can be updated directly using the MyView system. Your contact details may be tested at any time by the UKVI(and especially before you request an extension of your visa).

Failure to inform us as your employer of your current details may result in your visa being withdrawn with the subsequent loss of the right to remain in the UK.

The University will correspond with you while you are employed here through your University email account. If you do not regularly use your University email account you should divert emails from this account to one which you do use frequently.

If during your stay under Tier 2, you wish to amend:

  • Your contact details; or
  • Details of your criminal convictions; or
  • Your representative's details; or
  • Your dependant's details

You should inform your sponsor and fill out a change of circumstances form which is available on the UKVI website. This form should be sent to:

UK Visas and Immigration
Home Office
Change of Circumstances Form
PO Box 3468
S3 8WA

Changes in UK policy

The UKVI's policies and advice may change without notice, and you should refresh your understanding of the current visa rules, and how they affect you, from the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) website.